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First Apostolic Church Mishawaka

Be Careful How You Build

2016-08-21 Nick DeCicco

The Miracle Is In The Moving

2016-08-21 Nick DeCicco

Tied To Your Assignment

2016-08-21 Alonte Weaver

Seasons Circles and Cycles

2016-08-10 Anthony Wilkes

Soul Detox

2016-08-10 Anthony Wilks


2016-08-07 Nick DeCicco

Chewing The Cud

2016-07-17 Nick DeCicco


2016-07-17 David Bupp

Take off the "SON" Block

2016-07-10 Nick deCicco

Great Faith

2016-07-10 Nick DeCicco

The Dung Gate

2016-07-10 Nick DeCicco

Spitually Balanced Diet

2016-07-01 Paul Hannam

The Kings Storehouse

2016-06-19 Nick DeCicco

Making Deciples

2016-06-12 Nick DeCicco

Data Trails

2016-06-05 Nick DeCicco

Work Like the Devil

2016-06-05 Nick DeCicco

Let the Transformation Begin

2016-06-05 Alonte Weaver

Foot Washing and Communion

2016-06-05 Pastor Tim Gill

The Mantle

2016-05-22 Nick DeCicco

Touching Jesus

2016-05-20 Nick DeCicco