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First Apostolic Church Mishawaka

The Shadow of the Church

2015-07-16 Pastor Nick DeCicco

You are Thoroughbred

2015-07-12 Pastor Nick DeCicco


2015-07-12 Brother Titus Lee

Ephesians Lesson 1

2015-07-10 First Lady Lindsey DeCicco


2015-07-05 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Releasing the Ministry

2015-07-05 Pastor Nick DeCicco

The Cross

2015-06-28 Bro. Alex Baker

Fathers Day 2015

2015-06-28 Nathan Spite and Nick Decicco

Is There Anything Too Hard For God?

2015-06-21 Bro. Nathan Spite

A Way out of Mara

2015-06-07 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Do Not Be Offeneded

2015-06-07 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Breaking Tradition

2015-06-07 Brother Alonte Weaver

You Will Make It Through The valley of Baca

2015-06-01 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Trained By Dicipline

2015-06-01 Brother Nathan Spite

We Need Another Penticost

2015-05-28 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Some Things Don't Mix

2015-05-28 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Just Do What Jesus Tells You To

2015-05-17 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Foot Washing and Communion

2015-05-14 Pastor Tim Gill


2015-05-14 Pastor Nick DeCicco

The Holy Ghost

2015-05-08 Pastor Tim Gill