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First Apostolic Church Mishawaka

Come Boldly Before the Throne

2016-03-13 Titus Lee

The Shout of a King

2016-02-28 Nick DeCicco


2016-02-28 Alonte Weaver

7 Deadly Things

2016-02-14 Pastor Nick DeCicco


2016-02-14 Bro. Nathan Spite

No Mans Land

2016-02-07 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Baptisim in Jesus' Name

2016-02-07 Pasto Nick DeCicco

Ephesians Lesson 7

2016-02-07 First Lady Lindsay DeCicco

Do Not Draw Back

2016-01-24 Pastor Nick DeCicco


2016-01-24 Bro. Alonte Weaver

The Five Fold Ministry part 4

2016-01-24 Pastor Nick DeCicco


2016-01-17 Bro. Paul McGee Jr.

The Five Fold Ministry part 3

2016-01-10 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Remember Who You Are

2016-01-03 Bro. Alonte Weaver

The Difference Between Peter and Judas

2015-12-27 Pastor nick DeCicco

NathanSpite 12-27-2015

2015-12-27 Bro. Nathan Spite

His Name

2015-12-27 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Ephesians Lesson 6

2015-12-20 First Lady Lindsay DeCicco

Significance of the Name

2015-12-13 Pastor Nick DeCicco

The Five Fold Ministry. Part 2

2015-12-11 Pastor Nick Decicco