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First Apostolic Church Mishawaka

Being a Focused Christian

2015-10-11 Bro Nathan Spite

Wearing You Down

2015-10-08 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Make A Joyful Noise

2015-10-04 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Ephesians Lesson 5

2015-10-04 First Lady Lindsey DeCicco

A New Name for a New Destiny

2015-10-04 Pastor Nick DeDicco

Renewed Vision

2015-09-27 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Ambassadors for Christ

2015-09-27 Bro Nathan Spite

Pillars of the Church

2015-09-10 Pastor Nick DeCicco


2015-08-28 Pastor Nick DeCicco


2015-08-28 Bro. Alonte Weaver

Why We Celebrate

2015-08-16 Pastor Nick DeCicco

From Deliverance to Dominion

2015-08-16 Brother Titus Lee

Desire Life

2015-08-14 Brother Jeremy Lang

Spiritual Intimacy

2015-08-09 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Ephesians Lesson 4

2015-08-09 First Lady Lindsey DeCicco

Let's Get Converted

2015-08-09 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Other Gods

2015-08-09 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Ephesians Lesson 3

2015-08-02 First Lady Lindsey DeCicco


2015-07-27 Pastor Nick DeCicco

Ephesians Lesson 2

2015-07-17 First Lady Lindsey DeCicco